Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween in Shibuya

A sketcher friend Johanna from Germany and I went to see what is like Halloween in Shibuya. First, we observed the street view from station passage through the window.There were many people ( as usual ) but not so many who were in their costume yet as of around 18:00 P.M.

Then we ventured to dive in the crowd to observe costumers ( although they were still relatively minority compared to people in normal outfit) closely.

But I myself found interesting the police car parked aside the street more than walking people, so I sketched it while Johanna captured people so well in the page one by one. That is quite a skill to collect targets and make nice composition at the same time!

They roamed on the street and when to find other costumers, they start communicating by taking selfie together, exchanging photos. Still it was early time, they looked a bit shy.

It was pretty cold outside, so we sooner evacuated inside a cafeteria where all waiters were young handsome guys ( seemed Korean boys) and all customers were women! There Johanna ,again, captured people so well.

We didn't stay late to see real deep Halloween this time. But this was my very first step to see and capture that famous Halloween in Shibuya.
Thanks Johanna for this rare occasion otherwise I would have avoided being in such environment. Next time we should wear something to blend in.


  1. Great sketches from both of you! I remember Johanna. . .looks like it was a fun evening!

    - Tina

    1. Thanks Tina! Yes, since Manchester, we met and sketched in Tokyo together twice (consecutive year. )