Monday, October 30, 2017

Report Asia-link Sketchwalk Kuching 2017

Dear fellow sketchers of USK Japan, here is my short report about the trip to Kuching, Malaysia, to Asia-Link sketch walk 2017.

Asia-link was organized with love to details. I felt totally comfortable since organizers not only prepared a meaningful program for each day but give much additional info for a perfect stay and even helped to get an internet SIM card.

We also spend time talking and sketching each other during the dinner. Much fun!

First-day speakers were William Sim, Alvin Wong, Khiah Keang, next day Tina Boon, Kwin and others.

Tina Boon reminded the precious history of USK.

Alvin Wong. His speech resonated in me because of two moments. 1. He said about involving with the local environment, not just drawing it. This is the meaning and opportunities of usk! 2. Preservational sketch. This is how I started (spontaneously) my first urban sketches back in hometown, Nizhniy Novgorod, where historical center was crashed and vanished on our eyes. Thank you, Alvin!

Every day we had a sketch walk in particular historical part of the city. Then, in the evening we summarized our experiences, listening talks and local poetry society members, who also introduced next locations in the form of lyrics. I think it made this event very special, and all people involved really love their city, Kuching.

Kuching means cat, so of course, we met many cats on the streets. Here is one of them.

Other sketches under cut→

This Chinese Temple oven from Kuching, Malaysia, cathed my eye. I drew it by soft brown pencil and watercolor, captivated by the shape and color of the object.

I saw people putting some papers into the oven. Then, papers disappear in flames. 

One of the Malaysian friends suggested that it is the ritual to send letters and money to the dead relatives. I need to ask Chinese friends, how can you explain it?

These huge bananas - The Raja of Banana. People eat them fried!

Tried new technique for me - collage.

 Last day we were captured in a museum under the rain of enormous power.

I enjoyed the Malaysian gigantic flora. Borneo King is the plant, which Totoro used as an umbrella?

It was a great time with friends. Best feelings from warm Kuching.

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