Monday, October 30, 2017

House in Kambara 蒲原の家



Our lab professor bought a house in place, called Kambara. It’s a station on Tokaido road, on the seashore, close to Mount Fuji. Sensei wants to help locals to preserve their heritage. As one idea, we discussed to have a sketch walk with the following exhibition.
I come to Kambara last week to see the place and sketch. The house of Sensei is a very old traditional house, full of treasures.
I sketched the interior of the house. This fish on the hook is a fireplace to make tea (first drawing).
Japanese house floor is made of tatami mats and on the walls are many interesting objects. One of them is clothes for the festival. On the back is written the name of the city - Kambara.

This place is also famous being drawn by Utagawa Hiroshige. He drew series of pictures about Tokaido road, so Kambara station is included in this series. Hiroshige museum is also here.

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