Friday, December 9, 2016

お家の船団 Marine fleet in the room





There are two ships now in the place where I live.

When I see them, I remember a story from childhood, a book about boy, who wanted to meet little people on the shipHe stayed at  his grandmother’s house during vacation. She has a beautiful model of ship, it was her precious memory. Boy see it and his interest is growing day by day, since grandmother prohibit to touch the ship. He imagine small people inhabit the ship and try to  catch them, lure out by sweets, all in vain...
These two ships came to neighborhood association building from local person Hiroshi Yuasa, who is moving to other area. He want to give something to this community, which will keep a good memory.  He put inside the glass box semiprecious stone and coral, on both sides of ship. 

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