Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sketch meet up at Nishiogikubo, and Ikebukuro

Jeff from Netherland whom I've met in Manchester this summer was visiting Japan, so we had short sketch session with Eriko, Atsuko, Miyu in Nishiogikubo. This place is non of tourist site, just a ordinary Tokyo town, yet we found charm there through sketchers point of view.

Next day, we had sketch meeting in Ikebukuro. Kwin from Thailand, whom I've met in Singapore last year, Atsuko, and I drew one of the most busy scene of Tokyo street.

It was always joy to discover something new by seeing fellow sketchers way of drawing and tools.
That's why small group sketch session is good to communicate, and to learn.


  1. Great sketches from everyone! I envy all the visitors who get to sketch with you guys! I'll be back someday. :-)


  2. Thank you, sandy!
    Come again and sketch together, Tina!

  3. Very colorful markers sketches! Envy and happy to see familiar faces