Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tokyo Sketchers meet up 2016.08.13

Last Saturday we had a Tokyo Sketchers meet up, initiated by request of Arnie from France and Alice from Indonesia and coordinated by Kumi Matsukawa. 
Such a pleasure to draw in a company of co-thinkers! We did an architectural sketch in Ebisu Gardens and then moved to have a light dinner and talk. 


 Windy weather!

Photo belong to Kumi Matsukawa
Photo belong to Kumi Matsukawa

 Little snack

See the sketches ⬇︎

On my way to sketching meeting I draw in a metro and in a printing museum.

 First sketch - Ebisu garden place. Strangely, The french building appear in front of the high rises of Tokyo.

 Sketches from summer Terrace cafe.

 Very much hair on the hands of gentlemen. It made a discussion.


  1. It was fun! Finally we were able to meet. Hey, you posted my photos! (OK, I post others then.)