Sunday, August 7, 2016

松戸 Matsudo

August started! It is so hot outside.
I invite you to take a look at Matsudo city with me.
I choose a spot on the asphalt in the shadow in front of the Saizeriya. Saizeriya,  I would like it if there was no smoking zone, ahahaha. Thank you for cheap drink bar and cheese doria.
Matsudo has a landscape undulation. This big stairs on the picture is very long, they lead to the hill where is  Matsudo Central park located.
Matsudo city is famous for it's ramen shops. One of them is just behind me. They serve tsukemen (you put noodles to the fish bouillon which goes aside from noodles) there. Next time I will draw ramen, maybe.

This is Matsudo city office. They are very busy. When I moved here in April, following usual procedures I  was waiting for papers in the line, where drew this sketch.

People say that Matsudo have nothing special, it's just a bed town. At first I would agree, but the more I live here, the more interesting places and  people I discover. I would like to see charming, interesting Matsudo, and show you too.

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