Thursday, August 11, 2016


Here is Matsudo stories again.
Today I want to show you the building of old Harada rice shop. Surrounded by high-rises, it remained by miracle in the centre of Matsudo. Inside there is an artist studio, bicycle shop, volunteers and guide centre. These kind of buildings made the atmosphere of shopping street. Your eye pleasingly invites you to stop and watch the details of the facade behind the gates. Architecture sustain the identity of human world,  greenery of the garden sustain natural world.
It is not included in a list of heritage of Matsudo city, however, it is actively used by citizens and managed by community design company.
I like this building, it looks fantastic there, among concrete.
今日は『古民家スタジオ 旧・原田米店』紹介したいと思います。
 MAD Cityというまちづくり会社を管理されています。多様な市民を余沢します。

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