Saturday, January 2, 2016


Something we take it for granted is, actually, something special. We celebrate the end of the year day by eating soba noodle ( soba signifies longevity), we eat certain assorted food called OSECHI on New Year's day (each food signifies good fortune.) And we enjoy these holidays as opportunity to drink as well. How fortunate that we have peaceful and ideal moment at this New Year's days.

New Year's eve supper.

New Year's day breakfast.

The day after New Year's day lunch.


  1. These are such beautiful colorful sketches of your traditional food.
    I love those bright blue shadows and the spacing on the pages.
    Happy New Year from Portland!

  2. Hi Linda, thanks for your nice words! I wanted put festive mood in these drawings using vivid colors of pens. Glad that maybe worked ;-) Happy New Year to you too!