Saturday, May 9, 2015

Meet Australian sketchers in Monzennakacho, Tokyo

Austrarian sketchers Evelyn and Kym visited Tokyo and some of us Tokyo sketchers met up in Monzennakacho, a nice nighborfood with traditional Japanese old ambience. This was also my first visit to this place. Thanks Ryoji who lives there guided us that day.

Fukagawafudoson temple / 深川不動尊

Tomiokahachimangu shrine / 富岡八幡宮

Tatsumi sindo aller, a bar district / 辰巳新道

Restaurant Sugita / すぎ田

A riverside / 川縁

At a okonomiyaki restaurant / お好み焼き屋キャベツにて

A sumo wrestler Isshinryu 一心龍, a friend of Ryoji, joined in our table and kindly grilled okonomiyaki and yakisoba for us!

In the bar Tampopo / バー たんぽぽ

We had a fun, long, and deep sketch marathon day.

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