Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sketch gathering in YEBISU GARDEN PLACE

My sketch friend Asuka who lives in Australia came to Japan and we decided to meet and sketch together in Yebisu, Tokyo. Other sketch members from Tokyo team also joined us. Five of us went to ヱビスビール記念館(Museum of YEBISU BEER) there we learned about how and when beer introduced into Japan (They say that it was 124 years ago) and learned how to serve beer, the best way to drink. I confess I like beer but didn't know much about so called right way to drink. Such as, canned beer must be poured in the glass. The foam prevent the golden liquid from get oxidized so you should try keep the foam on your beer glass until you drink up whole.

Then we went to tasting salon. There we tried various kind of beer,as well as some small plates.

Later we needed some coffee to get recover from the effect of beer. After chatting in the coffee shop, we decided to go out and sketch the view of YEBISU GARDEN PLACE.

I drew a western style building. ( It is a French restaurant called La Table de Joël Robuchon)

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