Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hiking and sketching on Mt. Takao

This was my first time visiting Mount Takao. I knew it is not so far from my place but I have never headed to that direction until today. I'm glad I visited there. I took a cable car half way to the summit but when I went down, I walked all the way. I usually don't exercise very much therefore this was pretty good training to me. Unfortunately I was not able to see Mt. Fuji that day, it was too cloudy.(it must be seen when it is sunny) This place is famous for the beauty of autumn foliage. I definitely love to visit there again.

After climbing, I put up my portable easel and made a quick sketch of a temple called “Yakuo-in” using crayons on the B2 illustration board.( See?, I brought these heavy equipment that day!)

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