Thursday, January 3, 2013


PakistanからはAliさんが、TennesseeからSteveさんが、NY からはRichardさんが日本にやってきていて、いつものスケッチメンバーと一緒に合同でスケッチ会をしました。初売りで、買い物客で賑わう中央通の銀座和光間前で待ち合わせしたものの、全員がそろうまで約1時間あったので、その間に銀座4丁目を和光の前からみんなで並んでスケッチしました。

We had 3 international sketch friends that day: Richard from NY, Steve from Tennessee, and Ali from Pakistan.
We met up in front of Wako blg. one of the iconic building in Ginza and while all the members to show up, we drew the street view which were crowded with shopping bag- carrying people ( obviously they bought them at bargain) or those who were just about to go shopping...

my sketch half done

Ginza 4-chome view from Wako blg.

lined up sketchers






Then after lunch, we spread to find something interesting to draw. Steve and I looked for somewhere to visit as a first visit of the year. We went to Mistukoshi department store on the 7th floor, there we found Shusse Jizo (Guardian Deity),and worshipped at it. Then found a nice table at the terrace, there we sketched until our meeting time.

The signboard of Shusse Jizo

on the terrace of Ginza Mitsukosi


Later 2 more friends joined us, in total 9 people roamed from restaurant to restaurant to find a table for 9. Then as is always the case, we spent time with fun sketch battle. We drew faces each other and exchanged them ( when we could) over the meal.

Portrait of Richard and Ali

Portrait of Steve

Portrait of Ali

in a Chinese restaurant

sketch result-1

sketch result-2

Sketchres in a Chinese restaurant -2


Thanks for your company all! See you sometime soon.