Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gorby's struggle against his disease -3


The quick treatment put the DIC under control. Glad that I took him that day... Then we were concentrating on containing blood septic poisoning with further antibiotic and intravenous. Still it was unknown about the cause of his kidney failure and anemia...


The vet let me stay with Gorby quite a long hour and I was able to draw him in the veterinary hospital.

Gorby 062312-2

Gorby 0624

Gorby 062512


Later we discovered that Gorby developed microcardia ( probably the speed of decreasing the amount of steroid dosage was too rapid and that triggered this symptom) to cure microcardia is to give steroid but at that time his blood was not cured fully so we had to wait until that time. A few days later when steroid was given, his hart returned to normal size.



On Tuesday he had an epileptic while he had forced feeding by a staff who was in charge of that time. This hospital was closed that day but this fact was told the director of the veterinary hospital and he then came to the hospital to check up his condition otherwise Gorby was supposed to be left there alone in a cage until next morning. The blood test done that midnight showed aggravation. So he ( and other staff members) took prompt measure. Thank that he survived that night for this irregular and crucial care.

Gorby 062712-1

Gorby 062712-2


His kidney level became worse, the white blood cell has declined so he had blood transfusion to improve his blood level and to get a little bit more time to check up and to find the real cause of the disease.

Gorby 062812-1

Gorby 062812-2

Gorby 062912-1

Gorby 062912-2



He started to have an epileptic fit while he had forced feeding, so the staff members were anxious... They couldn't feed him as much as he was supposed to.

Later he was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus.

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