Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gorby's struggle against his disease -4



Since he started to have epileptic fit, I decided to take Gorby home and I fed him gradually in a relaxed environment. And have house calls for injections and subcutaneous fluids.

As he was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus, I gave him a Immunosuppressive drug since then.



Unfortunately his blood and kidney level didn't improved. He departed on the 5th of July.


I really feel sorry that he couldn't survive. I wanted him to live much longer and happier life together. After having such horrifying and painful experiences that he had never had before, I just hope the days at home eased his stress and pain even though they were so short...

Gorby 070212-1

Gorby 070212-2

Gorby 070312-3

Gorby 0702-4

Gorby 0702-5

Gorby 070312

Gorby 070412


  1. Oh, Kumi, I am so sorry about Gorby. You two had such a good life together, but it is sad that it was as short as it was. But I am sure it comforted him to have you by his side up to the end.


  2. Thanks for your considerate words, Annie. I do hope him rest in peace..

  3. That is so sad Kumi, I'm sorry, and thanks for the warning about lupus in pets. Your drawings and watercolours are tender and beautiful, I hope you remember the best times with him.

  4. Kumi, your bond with Gorbi was a true blessing I am so sorry for your loss I have a 6 year old Doberman who is part of my life everyday the joy I have in the morning when he's trying to wake me with he's tail going ninety miles a minute wants you to wake up, with living alone and being older now my boy brings me so much for my life. kumi thank you so for sharing Gorbi with us I fell in love with him from the first photo him on he's leash being so happy he made me smile loved your stories and just he's loving nature that the boy had and that was my nick name for him the boy,I send you so much KUMI love and a big hug I hope your loss is not to hard for you my friend but you have so much of him inside of you and your art you have really a life time of him all inside of you how blessed you were to have him take care my friend I will carry you in my heart softly,

  5. Thanks Cathy, we had happy time and he was the reason, joy of my every day life. Just it was so quick, so unprepared goodbye.

    Thank you, Linda for loving him. Please treasure your time with your Doberman. I do thank every day whenever I hug Gorby, his presence was true happiness.

  6. I have a cat that I know I love too much because I will feel so very bad when he is gone. For for all the joy and happiness he gives me this will be the price I pay. We love our cats more than people, I know this to be true. Sickness happens and sometimes we can't explain why. You took very good care of him and he was lucky to have you. I give you my sincerest condolence for your loss. Your watercolors show beautifully the love you had for Gorby. Take care.

  7. True ceparie, They eventually get old or get sick in their life but we still can't stop hoping them to live as long and happy as possible. Please treasure your cat.

  8. Kumi, your watercolors of Gorby are full of love and tenderness.All my sympathies. May he rest in peace.

  9. Thanks for your kind words, Minerva.