Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gorby's struggle against his disease -2



After the surgery, he came back home and suture seemed fine. But gradually his appetite decreased. The pain killer may causes gastritis and I was told if he continues to vomit , I should refrain giving it and I stopped the dosage. But in one week he completely lost his appetite. I took him to the old vet and had his blood test. The test told that his kidney has worsened. He needed to be hospitalized to have intravenous for 24 hours in 5 days....
He had been in a small cage with Elizabethan collar while he was hospitalized so that when he came back home, he had difficulty in walking, seems his muscle was weakened. Moreover due to having long term intravenous, his arms were terribly swelling.

The result of the blood test shows improvement of the BUN and creatine level but from my observation, he didn't seem to regain his vitality... He drinked water but doesn't eat. No appetite. He vomited several hours after forced feeding.

Gorby 062212-1

Gorby 062212-2

Gorby 062212-3

Gorby 062312


Anyway, the fact is that while the vet(old) just payed attention on the level of BUN and creatinine ( and he/they let Gorby home), the level of WBC (white blood cell) has dropped drastically during his stay in the vet (from 10440 to 1500). I asked him why but he couldn't answer. So next day, I called different vet and told what had happened then he told me very reasonable answer. So I took him to the new vet. He did blood exam, and he concluded that Gorby got sepsis related DIC ( disseminated intravascular coagulation). If I didn't let him hospitalized again ( in the new veterinary hospital) that day, he wouldn't have survived that night.
This was terrible, Suffer and suffer over suffer.... But as long as his condition got better, I thought there would be hope. And I wanted to give him a chance of recovery.

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