Sunday, July 15, 2012

36th World Wide SketchCrawl は青山で。

This time I started my sketch with color pens and applied new technic. This is the view of AO building in Aoyama which I thought very interesting but the drawing didn't turn out to be that interesting.

AO building in Aoyama

Then I tried again, used same technic, drew the city view. Again, I'm not satisfied with the result.

Aoyama town view

So, then I went to a restaurant and had lunch, I went back to my old medium and style. Watercolor!
ちょっとめげて、それからお昼も過ぎたので、ハワイアンレストランのKUA AINAと言う所でアボカドバーガーをいただき、それを、結局いつもの画材とスタイルの水彩で描く事にしました。

avocado burger

The burger was huge and yummy.
After lunch, I went to the lot of United Nations University in Aoyama, and sketched the booths, street performance, and food carts at the Farmer's Market.

This balloon artist made so many things for kids with very skilled manner.

A balloon artist and kids

Balloon Arts

At these booths, they sold organic vegetables.

At Farmers Market

Here, they held drawing workshop. Anyone was able to draw freely on the large cloth with inks (for cloth.) After drawing, this cloth will be cut and to be made some bags and miscellaneous goods and to be sold for charity purpose.

drawing workshop

This cart sold fresh juice. I bought berry smoothie.

Food carts

The view of the Market.

the market view

It was cloudy but the sun ray was strong and I got sunburned very much.
Later Tokyo sketch group gathered and went a cafe featuring Japanese-style sweets and had Kakigōri ( shaved ice dessert flavored with green tea and syrup) while sharing our result.

Kakigōri ( shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup)

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