Sunday, June 10, 2012

The occurrence in the Shinkansen.

The Shinkansen of return from Osaka. 
I was sketching in the car. 
Since the Shinkansen arrived in Tokyo soon,it was a time of preparing by my returning. 

The girl who was next made up her mind, and has approached and addressed. 
The girl was doing face paint. She is a girl like a half's model. 

Girl: Why can a picture be drawn well? 
Me: It is good to draw many things which you regarded as good. 
Me: Do you like drawing a picture? 
Girl: Favorite. 

When it said so, the girl returned to mother's place. 
Probably judging from conversation, it will be return of Universal Studios Japan. 
It seems that it returns to Sendai by the peregrine falcon of a special express. 


僕  「いいなと思ったもの、たくさん描くといいよ」


TETSU/SCIP Creativestudio on Flicker

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