Saturday, May 26, 2012

SketchCrawl with Steve Solomon

I had chance to meet Steve Solomon who was visiting Japan from Nashville, Tennessee. He traveled Tohoku district and Fukuoka, Kyushu. He said that traveling Tohoku and meeting people; listening their stories at firsthand as well as buying local commodities are his way of support Japanese people. I totally agree and that's one of the most important and sustainable help for us. Thanks for visiting, Steve! Hope you had a lot of nice memories and fun experience, and will spread the story to your friends. I hope more and more people have interest in Japan and come.

After his returning from Tohoku and while he was in Tokyo we had lunch time sketch session.We went to a restaurant called “Com.Cafe Otokura” and that day there they held a piano concert and slides show for free. So we enjoy listening the music and sketching the view.

先日ナッシュビルから東北と福岡に旅行にみえていたSteve Solomonさんとスケッチクロールする機会がありました。

At Com.Cafe Otokura-1

At Com.Cafe Otokura-2

Sketching Steve Solomon


Mimi and More Mimi by Steve Solomon

My favorite pages from Mimi and More Mimi

My favorite pages from Mimi and More Mimi

We met second time after his returning from Fukuoka. This time one of Tokyo SketchCrawl friend Gobu joined. Unfortunately it was rainy and a bit cold day so we need to crawl from building to building. First, we went to a restaurant called “GUSTO”


in the restaurant GUSTO

Then we moved to a 5 or 6 story building to have some interesting view. There we were able to see nice roofscape of the town from the window of a ( cheap commodities) shop. We lined up at a window and sketched for about 20 minutes or so. Maybe we might have looked strange but all of us bought something there so we were not bad customers;-)


Shimokitazawa roofscape



  1. These are all great sketches! Thank you for translating your story in English... I enjoy reading about sketching in Japan. I've visited Japan several times, but that was before I started sketching, so I am eager to return now that I can sketch my experiences.

    - Tina

  2. Hi Tina, thank you for your comment! Next time if you come back to Japan, let's sketch together.