Sunday, July 17, 2016


[By Kumi Matsukawa in Tokyo, Japan]

This is my contribution to tribute Flaf.

This is not a fancy vintage car but I wanted to draw it for a long time but I have been hesitant up until yesterday...

A fifteen minutes sketch done on my way to a company in Yoyogiuehara, Tokyo. This Police patrol car was parking alongside the police box near the station. A police officer came out from the police box and asked me if I was ok since I kept crouching down in front of the car. I said to her that I was fine and I just have been sketching the car. I also said that since my legs becoming numb,I shall leave soon , then I showed my sketch to her. Seemed that she was convinced. I might have looked a bit suspicious person?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kyoto Imperial gardens practice

Hi Everyone!
Last week I was honoured to do a practice in Kyoto Imperial gardens as a student of Horticulture department of Chiba University. Oh, basically, we collected old leaves and turned over the stones in the atmosphere temperature 35 C (feels like 38) and humidity 67%.
In between I made some sketches about our work and Kyoto.

Sento imperial palace

Sento imperial palace

Drawing during lunch break


Kyoto  Imperial Palace

Teryu-ji, Arashiyama

Meet ojiisan in the park

Bank of Kamo river

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Fushimi Inari

Shugakuin Imperial villa

  Katsura Imperial villa

  Katsura Imperial villa

   Shugakuin Imperial villa

After practice  went to Nara and Uji

Nara city

Nara  city

Nara, Todaiji temple

Naramachi hostel

Uji city Fenix Pavilion